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New bikes in

We’ve got some great bikes newly arrived, built, checked and ready to go for a long hot summer!

New in is the GT Bicycles Grade. I’ve been riding one for 8 weeks now and have been so impressed got them into the shop.  They are a fast and comfortable ‘do it all’ bike. GT call them ‘enduroad’ which is a bit weird but bike companies are always trying to sell us new ideas!  To sum up it goes fast on the road or you can stick nobbly cyclocross tyres on it and use it on canal pats or byways / bridleways.  It can also have mudguards fitted so makes an ideal longer distance commuter bike.

GT Grade 105 with hydraulic disc brakes


triple triangle
Signature Triple Triangle
grade headbadge
Front view
grade flared bars
Flared bars help with control


Also new in to the shop are a couple of really great value ‘touring bikes’, although as they’re such great value (430.00) they could be used for popping into town, leisure rides or commuting.  The bikes are the Adventure ‘Flat White’, reviewers love it and it does have that springy steel smooth ride quality.  That’s one highlight actually – its got a lugged steel frame. Pop by to have a look and ask for a test ride.

flat white bike

flat white adventure