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Lapierre Sensium 300 customer feedback

Earlier this year Paul Coupe, who makes some rather high end audio equipment ( bought a Lapierre Sensium 300 from us, and was kind enough to send us a his thoughts about it after a few rides.


We had this up briefly before on the old site, but thought I’d get it back.

He wrote,

“Thanks for your time and patience yesterday when I popped down to buy the Lapierre.  Couldn’t take it out yesterday but went out this evening for a 20 mile spin and I have to say it was a fabulous ride…better than the higher up model, the 500 and surprisingly by some margin.  The elastomer frame insert on the 500 I reckon softens the response too much. The 300 rode much better.  Big gap between ratios which takes some getting used to and the SRAM gear change mis-changed several times which was very annoying, plus brakes not much cop until bedded in (nearly ran across a roundabout at 30mph after coming down a hill!).  Fabulous climber.  That SRAM compact gear train is just the ticket for hilly terrain and the San Marino saddle is great.  I’ll be changing the seat post for the Ritchley Carbon model but other than that, that Sensium I reckon is the nearest I’ve ridden to a full works bike in ride quality…very racey but comfortable…superb.  You’re onto a good thing with those Lapierres”.

and later,

For this area (and Bath) the 300 is the pick of the whole range I reckon.  You get an awful lot of bike”.


It was great to hear that he had gotten on so well with the bike right from the word go!

Even better to find out that Lapierre had continued with the Sensium range, although the polymer insert frames have now been replaced in favor of the ones without, and Shimano has been used for all models.

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