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Lapierrre Zesty AM 327

The Zesty is without a doubt Lapierre’s flagship model, certainly the most successful.  We’ve got a 327 AM in the shop in medium for sizing up, other sizes and models are available to order in should the medium or model not suit.  Stock with the supplier is building, but slowly, and with Lapierre entering the US market this year scarcity might be the name of the game. So if you have you eye on a particular model and size bag it early!!


Its quite a different frame from all previous incarnations of the Zesty – more swooping tube shapes than the previous angular and straight tubing, although that was lovely as well.  It all looks pretty strong in the right places, but overall bike weights are not any higher. Even considering that the frames, tyres, rims etc have to be ever so slightly bigger to accommodate the bigger 27.5 wheelsize that a pretty nice thing.


Lapierre never seem to skimp on their components like some big brand names (Road bikes included).  So the AM 327 has faultless shifting thanks to Shimano SLX  and amazing braking from the Formula RX brakes.  You even get an XT ‘clutch mech’ for rear shifting duties.  The clutch mech is a revelation. I’ve been using one for 12 months and it means your chain never comes off the front rings or clangs on the bike frame – amazing!


Regarding wheelsize, I think its probably a storm in a tea cup. I’ve read various experts say that with a big volume tyre on 26″ wheels you can replicate the sizing of a 27.5 wheel. So its not so radical as a 29er wheel size and if you’re thinking of a new bike but don’t want a complete surprise in changed ride character than a 27.5 appears to be fine.  I’ll update this when I’ve actually had a chance to ride one for some time!


There’s plenty mud clearance on rear of the frame and the Fox forks have loads of room to run a front fender bender or similar under the fork.  The rear brake calliper is also tucked inside the rear chainstay giving improved crash protection! This model is a lovely colour, coordinated grips, SDG Duster saddle and red anodized cable holders compliment the look. This model should appeal even in a couple of years. The next model in the range the AM427 is mostly yellow with some black and is less easy on the eye! After that you get into the £3000 plus carbon and alloy and full carbon models which are all lovely.


20131228_095335 20131228_095250

We’ve got this bike (plus all others) in our festive sale, so its £2299 is now with 15% off £1954. Or you can have a voucher for 20% of the value for £460 to spend in the shop on accessories etc. Not a bad deal!